Thank you to the participants, speakers and Scientific Committee members for making this event a successful one!

Some 30 international research groups worked in a multi-disciplinary consortium to investigate whether botanicals available as drops, capsules, lozenges, tablets and pills, for example, truly deliver on what they promise. The PlantLIBRA research project started in 2010 and ends in May this year. Some 110 experts from over 30 countries participated in the wrap-up event in Vienna, 12-14 May 2014 (plantlibra2014.icc.or.at). The event was managed by ICC, which is also a consortium partner in this EU funded project (www.icc.or.at/projects/plantlibra).

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In a complex environment of pending health claims, fragmented harmonisation in plants used for botanicals within Europe, and emerging issues of quality and safety, the PlantLIBRA project invites to its final conference in Vienna from 12 to 14 May 2014. It will feature the latest advances in botanical science, and in benefit and risk assessment of plants food supplements (PFS).

The conference will also provide a dialogue forum for disseminating research results among leading scientists, regulating authorities, and business representatives in the food supplement area. More broadly the conference will present to the wider community the more integrated scientific approach to risks and benefits of PFS tailored to support policy- science-based decision making, and contribute with an increased science data base to the challenges faced by the PFS sector. Ultimately it aims to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the European Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy.

The conference topics will be:

  • The advances in the science in benefit evaluation for plant food supplements and their safety assessment
  • Authentication and analytical methods for plant raw materials and final products
  • Plants, demographics, and reasons of intake of the first pan European 6 country consumption survey
  • The ePlantLIBRA database for searches of quality assessed data on chemical composition, botanical information, bioactivity and toxicity of plants present in PFS
  • Insights and analysis of the consumer behavior of PFS users
  • The project's results in the context of the changing regulatory environment
  • Workshops for policy regulator and stakeholders
  • And much more botanical science!

I am looking forward to welcoming you at the International PlantLibra Conference in Vienna, 12-14 May 2014!
Patrizia Restani
Coordinator of PlantLibra


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